The mission of the Hamilton Girls Soccer Club is to provide a safe, fun, and sportsmanlike atmosphere for young girls of Hamilton Township, NJ and its surrounding communities in Mercer County to learn and participate in the game of soccer.

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Hamilton Girls Soccer Club, established in 1972, is the oldest all-girls soccer club in New Jersey. It was created to offer township girls a place to learn the game of soccer while emphasizing sportsmanship, fair play and fun.

To date, we have programs for township girls ages 5 to 18, including a robust travel program -- the Hamilton Wildcats. In total, Hamilton Girls Soccer Club provides opportunities for more than 900 girls!



Honor Those With Cancer at Wall of Honor

Honor Those Living with Cancer

Surviving Cancer

In Memory of Those who we lost to Cancer


Help honor family members, neighbors and friends who are dealing with the horrific disease of cancer by putting their name on the Kickin’ Cancer’s Wall of Honor.

Shaped like a giant cancer ribbon, the Wall of Honor will be filled with ribbons that recognize those who are living with cancer, those who are cancer survivors and those who unfortunately lost their lives to cancer.

Our goal is house this testament to our community’s fight against cancer at a permanent site.


Cancer Ribbons of Remembrance can be bought at the Hamilton’s Kickin’ Cancer Tournament on Saturday, April 4, at Veteran’s Park.  Ribbons will be posted on the wooden ribbon.

Ribbons alone --

Ribbon with picture -- $5

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Gianna Lucchesi's Arizona Trip

Gi takes a shot in Arizona

Flying out to Arizona in November was an awesome experience knowing I was nominated to try out for the Rush Select Team.  Making it was another story.  There were girls from all over the USA and some I became very friendly with during the try out. 

I had no contact with my parents over the course of the 3 day try out and didn’t see them until the try out was over.  I was exhausted and gave it my all.  Some nights we had training until 10 pm Arizona time which was midnight back home in NJ.  Late nights and early mornings were hard, but I just knew that there was a small margin of who would make the team and who would be cut.  

The waiting seemed like eternity, but when I received that email from the coach, I was elated and just knew that all my hard work had paid off.  I would represent NJ on the nationwide Rush Select Team.  It was an amazing honor to be chosen and amazing honor for the Wildcat/Rush Organization!! 

Off again to Arizona, this time it was February and the tournament was in Phoenix- the prestigious Desert Classic Tournament. To add more pressure the Rush Select won the tournament last year and I was a newcomer on this team.  Talk about pressure… I was excited, but also a bit nervous.

Meeting up with friends at the hotel after I landed made the transition to the team a bit easier.  Wow, I thought to myself, “Can this be really happening to me?”   Yes and it was a most memorable and amazing experience for me in my life thus far.  To play with a very talented group of girls who can really play soccer was intimidating at first, but when I started for some of the games I felt amazing. 

We won both games on the first day and I had an assist.  I think it was an all-around perfect day!  All the girls were very talented and amazing soccer players.

Sunday was the last day of the tournament and we had to win to make it to the finals…and we did!!  The championship game was close 1-0 at half, but in the second half of the game we poured it on and won 5-0. 

This year’s Rush Select team did not concede any goals to our opponents.  A fantastic weekend full of soccer and many great memories with friends I will have forever.  My coach for the weekend, Brian Lux has taught me so many things in such a short amount of time.  He is one of the most calm and collected coaches I have had played for and one of the best.   

After the games we hung out and watched the boys Rush teams compete and enjoy a freshly made snow cone.  It felt good to watch and enjoy a game as the temperature was 80’ and hot, very different than the temperature in NJ in February.  Some girls had planes to catch and left right away, I was lucky my flight wasn’t until the morning. 


Oh wait snow and ice in NJ in February… My flight was the last to leave Phoenix and land in Newark.  The rest of the flights were cancelled!!  It’s nice to go away but there is no place like home.  This “Jersey Girl”, as many parents and teammates called me while playing in Arizona made my mark for NJ on the Select Team. 

-- Gianna Lucchesi U14 Rush

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REGISTER YOUR PLAYER NOW! Spring registration is OPEN!



This year the FIFA Women's World Cup is being played in Canada beginning in June so don't leave your player on the sidelines! Get her involved in a soccer team atmosphere!

Registration is currently OPEN and is easy to do! Go to our registration panel HERE and begin the sign up process! Pay with your credit card or Paypal. Let it be known that Late fees will be charged for any signups AFTER March 1 so do not delay!

Get your player signed up for the spring season of soccer here at Hamilton Girls Soccer Club!

We are looking forward to a fun season this year at HGSC!


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This week's Wildcat FC News

The NJ Rush '01 win the U13 championship at Cinnaminson. Read all about it in this week's Wildcat News.

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Hamilton Girls Soccer Club announces affiliation with NJ Rush

NJ Rush welcomes the Hamilton Girls Soccer Club and Hamilton Wildcats FC to our NJ Rush Family.

Following the lead of Rush International, NJ Rush has a goal of spreading the “Rush Way” philosophy of coaching and training throughout New Jersey through key affiliations throughout the State. 

“New Jersey is a hotbed for soccer on the East Coast and we want New Jersey Rush to be the epicenter for soccer development in the State.  We believe strongly in the Rush Way training and coaching methodologies and we feel that the best way to help players reach their full potential is to introduce them to the highest level of training and development at the earliest ages,” says Sandeep Mehtani, Executive Director of New Jersey Rush.

New Jersey Rush is taking a true grassroots approach to influencing player development.

The traditional “Academy” model employed by the majority of premier clubs in New Jersey fails to address the fundamental principles of youth development.  In the traditional academy model, players come up through the township/local club and then are recruited to “advance” and join the “Academy” when they are old enough (typically 10-11 years old.)  Under this model, only a select few players are impacted by the Academy level of training and development.

“Our focus is different,” says Sandeep Mehtani, “cognitive and physical development together are happening rapidly at ages 5 through 8.  Kids at these ages are like sponges, they absorb everything.  Unfortunately, most Academy programs ignore these ages.  We aim to change that!  By affiliating directly with select local clubs in various regions of the State, we can influence player development and education on a grassroots level at much younger ages and continue that advanced development progression through the formative years.  This is why affiliating with Hamilton Girls Soccer Club and Hamilton Wildcats was a top priority for us.”

“Hamilton Girls Soccer Club is pleased to enter this partnership with NJ Rush as it will enhance our already comprehensive soccer program,” said Tom Slater, Hamilton Girls Soccer Club president. “This partnership will allow us to offer a well-rounded robust player development system for our entry level recreation player to our highest level of competitive player and everyone in between.”
“As the club enters its 41st year and the Hamilton Wildcats enter their 10th year of existence, we are proud our program that has resulted in dozens of high school players, state level and regional level players and our first State Cup championship. This partnership with NJ Rush will make our club the premier girls soccer club in Central Jersey.”
Ron Celestin, Assistant Women’s Coach at Princeton University, has been named Technical Director of New Jersey Rush Hamilton.  Lisa Gmitter-Pittaro, former US Women’s National Team player, has been named as the Director of Coaching for New Jersey Rush Hamilton.
 “I am so happy to have the Hamilton Girls Soccer Club and the Hamilton Wildcats FC join the New Jersey Rush family.  With a great centralized location, and with Ron Celestin and Lisa Pittaro leading the way, Hamilton Girls Soccer Club will be a fantastic hub for our New Jersey Rush girls soccer program in Central New Jersey,” said Greg Wiesmore, President of New Jersey Rush.  

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Volunteers Needed
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: In order to continue to provide a quality program, the Hamilton Girls Soccer Club is aways in need of volunteers.

Some of the positions we need include:

Coaches:  We always need head and assistant coaches.  We provide training and all the help you need.

Division Directors:  We need Division Directors to help make sure the leagues run smoothly.  Responsibilities include forming teams, recruiting coaches, and creating game schedules.  Division Directors are also members of the Executive Board.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with Hamilton Girls Soccer Club,
email .

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